Saturday, December 21, 2013

It gets Krazier!!

Sooo, if you remember the last post?!?! (Here "Really??!")  Where Seth chose not to let any adult on his account... 

Well Seth received a business letter in the mail today -- which is weird in and of itself.. because usually he only gets his magazines that we subscribe to...

So Seth received a notice of an error on/in his deposit for his savings account he recently opened. -- it is a $222.80 Check being deposited and the amount entered was $220.00.-- Ummm He didn't have a check written to him (although it has his name as a secondary on the check WRITTEN in)... and his ATM card never arrived... HUMMM.... He will be going in to the bank tmrw a.m.

Interesting... and nothing I or other adults in the house can do about it...  because I am not on the account ... LOL 

Hope you are almost done with your Christmas shopping, and saved a lot of funds!

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