Monday, December 2, 2013

Krazy is the right word!

Soo, Yes it is has been forever since I posted!

This weekend was Thanksgiving!  I hope you all had a Jolly Good time with Family!  We did!

Soo, At our house, we don't do Christmas until after Thanksgiving!  We rarely buy many gifts, and we rarely spend much until after the Turkey has been eaten, and we have slept until that famous Black Friday Sale... Which none of us brave, unless it is online!!  Being that it is the end of the month-- we rarely have much funds to make a buy until Dec 1 anyhow.

Not to mention we have 5 birthdays errr no make that 6 in the months of Nov, Dec, and Jan.

YES I said that right... 6 birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all in one fell swoop!  Birthday most get one item (2 if the budget is right, and their picks are cheap)... and a dinner out - their choice an Adult and themselves together or with Family as a whole (extended Family goes Dutch LOL).

Dan really doesn't like Materialism, so small gifts that mean a lot, are worth a lot more -- AND TIME is the most important option we give our kids.

Sooo, I have been flooding my Facebook Page recently with Giveaways, and really awesome price deals that fit our families needs! errr Wants!

Helecoptors for the kids at $19.00 instead of $129! (Search Amazon it may still be active)
An American Doll Baby listed for $15 for 11.65 Shipped -- I only bought one... (Search Amazon it may still be active use "bookdeal" for the coupon code)
Pocket Watches for under $3 a piece! (Search Amazon it may still be active)
E.l.f. has their makeup on sale + add 50% off for CyberMonday! (ELF website)
Kohl had Flash Light Sets for $6.95 ea (normally like $40 ea set of 8 items).... (supposed to be good til Dec 4 if they still have them in stock)

Gifts Shhhh!

Needless to say... Been saving some major money this season!

I think I will be surprised by what comes in the mailbox as the rest of the family -- the way my memory goes...

Quip for the day:  as NT eldest handed a troll toy to Aunt -- "Here, this is for you, since you like that  weird creepy band, I know you like weird, creepy stuff so here.... "
Hope it makes you smile!

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