Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Menus

So life around here has gotten a bit less "Krazy" but still very Kaotic.  -- I did NOT say we are less "Krazy" did I just say that?!?!  I think not.....

So, School is out, I am not driving 36 miles (more or less depending on who I am picking up) Round Trip 2-3 times a day... my life has gotten a little quieter.

So Summer is here -- but my 9 week Menu is still going.    I haven't posted much on my menu because I made the mistake of not documenting *where* I got each of the recipes while making my 9 week menu.  Sooo I can't give credit where credit should be do -- Ooops, poor planning -- maybe I will take the time in the near future to go on a hunt for the original blogs they were on.

I actually got my family to sit down, and look at recipes with me, and decide -- YES I will eat that at least once every 2 months for the next year.... My kids had less of a choice, but I did take into consideration their "Preferences."  I know Middle Girl doesn't like Onions, Mushrooms, & most veggies except for Broccoli & Green Beans -- Tough!! She has to eat Veggies that are in the meals no matter what ... No picking them ALL out.   This also means that I have had to discipline myself to not pick out the green bell peppers whether I like the texture or not that day. -- It's fair that way.

The Menu I made came from 3 places.  1. Traditional Family meals - Meals that family made growing up, I make regularly etc.  2. Once a Month Cooking Blogs / Pinterest  (My Pinterest acct - Feel free to follow me!)3. Casseroles.

I made a NINE -- 9 --- Yes 9 week Menu -- so I can switch out, or just rotate on those months that have 5 weeks an have it covered.

After finding the recipes I wanted included - I then made a shopping list  for what to buy at the beginning of the month when I do my big shopping trip  (I color coded each week and have the lists by week but combined) Ex:

  • Beef  5 lbs (Pink, Green, Yellow, and Black)
  • Bell Peppers 7 cups (Pink, Green Yellow)
  • Onions  7 cups (Pink, Green, Black)

- and the items like dairy that won't last all month for the weekly shopping trip that is quick and fast in & out,  Ex: (Pink week)

  • Heavy Whipping Cream 1 Qt 
  • Sour Cream 1 pt
  • {Check} Cheese quantity - need 3 cups Cheddar & 2C Parm
  • Need Lettuce for a salad & other items

and a Pantry list.

  • Soy Sauce {Check Quantity}
  • Garlic Powder {Check Quantity}
  • Dried Parsley - I know I have enough - hence the line through it
  • Fresh Basil - I grow it, so make sure there is enough on the plant to not kill the plant

I am still needing to do some "tweeking" to my menu as on Tuesday Nights we have Boy Scouts.  We need to have a meal to either be ready by 5p or after 8:30 and plan that we will be starving and needing a bit more food -- Plus hunny doesn't get home til 8:30 anyhow.   & during the school year, the kids stay at school until nearly 6 p.m. and even though they are served dinner at school, they often get in the car saying "I am Hungry!!"  so I was making the mistake of running through the nearest drive through for something... UM NO-- I need to be feeding them leftovers or what ever is ready for dinner pre-packaged.  -- this is the goal to have ready for next fall!

Ohh a note on the "Oops"es of I forgot to put something in or get something ready....
I often cook/tell the kids to cook things my family likes, but aren't on the Menu regularly such as Grilled Cheeses, Ham & Cheese with soup (defrosted), Mac n Cheese in a box with hotdogs, My kids still love Ramen Noodles – with left over meat chopped in …. etc — or Left Over Night.

Anyhow - let me know if you want to see my menu.   It is totally a work in progress.  All the meals are reasonably priced to cook -- ok Minus the steaks (which I sometimes "replace") ... And I may share it with you... but I am really needing to give credit where it is due.. Like I said... so if you are willing to wait til I get the recipes attributed I would appreciate it!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Krazy Zone -- Yep that's us....

So, I been doing my usual giveaways... and my plugging away at making a menu and actually following it.  Sleep seems to be optional, or over-rated, and sometimes wayyyy over slept...

I been debating about blending Autism, Giveaways, G/F and a bunch of other chaos of homemaking into this blog... but I don't want it just to be a "Giveaway and Coupon blog."  I have friends with those, and I don't really want to compete!

My FB page seems to go crazy with ups and downs, and around of posts, and pics and fun stuff.  I try to keep my personal page, my own.. and my KrazyZoneof Kaos it's own world... but of course they over lap.

I really encourage sharing my loves and passions with others.  I am very eclectic in this.  I hope you find something you love... and really kick me in the behind to post a bit more, and get it moving!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Loved it.... :D

  •  Faith Flores: I live in my Unicorn and Gummy Bear World don't Disturb....
    Alexandra Flores: Caution! Might Bite! Caution! May Fight back.
    Seth Konicek: Will Hold you to the RULES as I see fit
  • Jennifer Kilburn: Works Nights, Proceed with Calendar....
  • Dan: Ummm This may cost you more than you are willing to give...
  • Kiristie (Me): Tone of Voice is not the true message.... 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

It gets Krazier!!

Sooo, if you remember the last post?!?! (Here "Really??!")  Where Seth chose not to let any adult on his account... 

Well Seth received a business letter in the mail today -- which is weird in and of itself.. because usually he only gets his magazines that we subscribe to...

So Seth received a notice of an error on/in his deposit for his savings account he recently opened. -- it is a $222.80 Check being deposited and the amount entered was $220.00.-- Ummm He didn't have a check written to him (although it has his name as a secondary on the check WRITTEN in)... and his ATM card never arrived... HUMMM.... He will be going in to the bank tmrw a.m.

Interesting... and nothing I or other adults in the house can do about it...  because I am not on the account ... LOL 

Hope you are almost done with your Christmas shopping, and saved a lot of funds!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


So Dan took the 13 yr old boy (Autistic) to get a new Savings account (here in NM instead of in AR where the other one we have is...).   Son chose not to have any parent's names on it... as he "doesn't want us to 'Steal' his money!!"  Ummm, He is being encouraged to save money... and for the long term!  Sadly, this is what he *told* the bank employee too....  

Living with a Autistic Kid sure has it's bumps in pride!


I just received from CrayZ-Bee's Freebies!!
I do have to say shipped in a box about 4x the size of the items they were shipping me, but I don't blame this on CrayZ-Bee's :)
Soooo Go over to CrayZ Bee's and the CrayZBeesFreebies Facebook  show her some love and tell her I sent you!!  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Krazy is the right word!

Soo, Yes it is has been forever since I posted!

This weekend was Thanksgiving!  I hope you all had a Jolly Good time with Family!  We did!

Soo, At our house, we don't do Christmas until after Thanksgiving!  We rarely buy many gifts, and we rarely spend much until after the Turkey has been eaten, and we have slept until that famous Black Friday Sale... Which none of us brave, unless it is online!!  Being that it is the end of the month-- we rarely have much funds to make a buy until Dec 1 anyhow.

Not to mention we have 5 birthdays errr no make that 6 in the months of Nov, Dec, and Jan.

YES I said that right... 6 birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all in one fell swoop!  Birthday most get one item (2 if the budget is right, and their picks are cheap)... and a dinner out - their choice an Adult and themselves together or with Family as a whole (extended Family goes Dutch LOL).

Dan really doesn't like Materialism, so small gifts that mean a lot, are worth a lot more -- AND TIME is the most important option we give our kids.

Sooo, I have been flooding my Facebook Page recently with Giveaways, and really awesome price deals that fit our families needs! errr Wants!

Helecoptors for the kids at $19.00 instead of $129! (Search Amazon it may still be active)
An American Doll Baby listed for $15 for 11.65 Shipped -- I only bought one... (Search Amazon it may still be active use "bookdeal" for the coupon code)
Pocket Watches for under $3 a piece! (Search Amazon it may still be active)
E.l.f. has their makeup on sale + add 50% off for CyberMonday! (ELF website)
Kohl had Flash Light Sets for $6.95 ea (normally like $40 ea set of 8 items).... (supposed to be good til Dec 4 if they still have them in stock)

Gifts Shhhh!

Needless to say... Been saving some major money this season!

I think I will be surprised by what comes in the mailbox as the rest of the family -- the way my memory goes...

Quip for the day:  as NT eldest handed a troll toy to Aunt -- "Here, this is for you, since you like that  weird creepy band, I know you like weird, creepy stuff so here.... "
Hope it makes you smile!