Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Menus

So life around here has gotten a bit less "Krazy" but still very Kaotic.  -- I did NOT say we are less "Krazy" did I just say that?!?!  I think not.....

So, School is out, I am not driving 36 miles (more or less depending on who I am picking up) Round Trip 2-3 times a day... my life has gotten a little quieter.

So Summer is here -- but my 9 week Menu is still going.    I haven't posted much on my menu because I made the mistake of not documenting *where* I got each of the recipes while making my 9 week menu.  Sooo I can't give credit where credit should be do -- Ooops, poor planning -- maybe I will take the time in the near future to go on a hunt for the original blogs they were on.

I actually got my family to sit down, and look at recipes with me, and decide -- YES I will eat that at least once every 2 months for the next year.... My kids had less of a choice, but I did take into consideration their "Preferences."  I know Middle Girl doesn't like Onions, Mushrooms, & most veggies except for Broccoli & Green Beans -- Tough!! She has to eat Veggies that are in the meals no matter what ... No picking them ALL out.   This also means that I have had to discipline myself to not pick out the green bell peppers whether I like the texture or not that day. -- It's fair that way.

The Menu I made came from 3 places.  1. Traditional Family meals - Meals that family made growing up, I make regularly etc.  2. Once a Month Cooking Blogs / Pinterest  (My Pinterest acct - Feel free to follow me!)3. Casseroles.

I made a NINE -- 9 --- Yes 9 week Menu -- so I can switch out, or just rotate on those months that have 5 weeks an have it covered.

After finding the recipes I wanted included - I then made a shopping list  for what to buy at the beginning of the month when I do my big shopping trip  (I color coded each week and have the lists by week but combined) Ex:

  • Beef  5 lbs (Pink, Green, Yellow, and Black)
  • Bell Peppers 7 cups (Pink, Green Yellow)
  • Onions  7 cups (Pink, Green, Black)

- and the items like dairy that won't last all month for the weekly shopping trip that is quick and fast in & out,  Ex: (Pink week)

  • Heavy Whipping Cream 1 Qt 
  • Sour Cream 1 pt
  • {Check} Cheese quantity - need 3 cups Cheddar & 2C Parm
  • Need Lettuce for a salad & other items

and a Pantry list.

  • Soy Sauce {Check Quantity}
  • Garlic Powder {Check Quantity}
  • Dried Parsley - I know I have enough - hence the line through it
  • Fresh Basil - I grow it, so make sure there is enough on the plant to not kill the plant

I am still needing to do some "tweeking" to my menu as on Tuesday Nights we have Boy Scouts.  We need to have a meal to either be ready by 5p or after 8:30 and plan that we will be starving and needing a bit more food -- Plus hunny doesn't get home til 8:30 anyhow.   & during the school year, the kids stay at school until nearly 6 p.m. and even though they are served dinner at school, they often get in the car saying "I am Hungry!!"  so I was making the mistake of running through the nearest drive through for something... UM NO-- I need to be feeding them leftovers or what ever is ready for dinner pre-packaged.  -- this is the goal to have ready for next fall!

Ohh a note on the "Oops"es of I forgot to put something in or get something ready....
I often cook/tell the kids to cook things my family likes, but aren't on the Menu regularly such as Grilled Cheeses, Ham & Cheese with soup (defrosted), Mac n Cheese in a box with hotdogs, My kids still love Ramen Noodles – with left over meat chopped in …. etc — or Left Over Night.

Anyhow - let me know if you want to see my menu.   It is totally a work in progress.  All the meals are reasonably priced to cook -- ok Minus the steaks (which I sometimes "replace") ... And I may share it with you... but I am really needing to give credit where it is due.. Like I said... so if you are willing to wait til I get the recipes attributed I would appreciate it!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Krazy Zone -- Yep that's us....

So, I been doing my usual giveaways... and my plugging away at making a menu and actually following it.  Sleep seems to be optional, or over-rated, and sometimes wayyyy over slept...

I been debating about blending Autism, Giveaways, G/F and a bunch of other chaos of homemaking into this blog... but I don't want it just to be a "Giveaway and Coupon blog."  I have friends with those, and I don't really want to compete!

My FB page seems to go crazy with ups and downs, and around of posts, and pics and fun stuff.  I try to keep my personal page, my own.. and my KrazyZoneof Kaos it's own world... but of course they over lap.

I really encourage sharing my loves and passions with others.  I am very eclectic in this.  I hope you find something you love... and really kick me in the behind to post a bit more, and get it moving!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Loved it.... :D

  •  Faith Flores: I live in my Unicorn and Gummy Bear World don't Disturb....
    Alexandra Flores: Caution! Might Bite! Caution! May Fight back.
    Seth Konicek: Will Hold you to the RULES as I see fit
  • Jennifer Kilburn: Works Nights, Proceed with Calendar....
  • Dan: Ummm This may cost you more than you are willing to give...
  • Kiristie (Me): Tone of Voice is not the true message....