Friday, April 25, 2014

Krazy Zone -- Yep that's us....

So, I been doing my usual giveaways... and my plugging away at making a menu and actually following it.  Sleep seems to be optional, or over-rated, and sometimes wayyyy over slept...

I been debating about blending Autism, Giveaways, G/F and a bunch of other chaos of homemaking into this blog... but I don't want it just to be a "Giveaway and Coupon blog."  I have friends with those, and I don't really want to compete!

My FB page seems to go crazy with ups and downs, and around of posts, and pics and fun stuff.  I try to keep my personal page, my own.. and my KrazyZoneof Kaos it's own world... but of course they over lap.

I really encourage sharing my loves and passions with others.  I am very eclectic in this.  I hope you find something you love... and really kick me in the behind to post a bit more, and get it moving!

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